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Scottish Highland Dancing • Uniquely Boosts Brain Power, Shapes Strong Bodies, & Builds Character!

Why Scottish Highland Dancing?

"With so many choices of activities and sports available for children, Highland dance is one that provides enduring benefits that reach far beyond learning the traditional dances of Scotland. 

Considered both a sport and an art form, Highland dance builds strong and flexible bodies, improves agility, coordination and balance and increases bone density. More importantly Highland dance imparts lessons that last a lifetime. Dancers learn goal-setting, self-discipline, resilience, and adaptability.

-- Raising the Barre, A Research-Based Guide to Teaching Highland Dancing 

Scottish Highland dancing is the perfect combination of art and sport. It combines the technical elements, grace, and beauty of dance with the strength and coordination found in the competitive aspects of sport. You do not have to be of Scottish heritage to participate in this form of dance. Whether your interest is in performing or competing, Highland dancing is for you! Boys and girls of all ages and skill levels perform and compete together throughout the year at local, national, and international events. 

Wearing the traditional kilt and dancing to bagpipe music, your child will develop the skills that will give them valuable experiences that can have a positive impact throughout their lives. 

Scottish Highland dancing boosts brain power!  

Children who choose to do Highland Dancing tend to excel in school because it is one of the very few activities that use cross-lateral integration exclusively to perform movements. This practice significantly improves reading and math skills. 

Highland Dancing Builds Strong Bodies! 

Scottish Highland Dancing Builds Character! 

competition & performance

Competition is at the heart of Highland dancing and all dancers are encouraged to compete. The skills acquired through competition and performance are invaluable in life and are a large part of what makes Highland dancers and alumni into successful lawyers, medical professionals, engineers, educators, published authors, clergy, first responders, elected officials and members of professional dance companies.  

studio location

Our classes are held at Sierra 2 Center in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento. Featuring professional dance floors, a ballet barre, and full-length mirror, the studio provides and excellent in-class experience.

Sierra 2 Center

 2791 24th St, Sacramento, CA 95818 

Getting Started

New Students

There are a few requirements before joining our dance school. 

Potential students must

If you have a very young dancer, we recommend a basic ballet and movement class to get them used to both being in a dance class environment and learning to move. 

For older dancers, no dance experience is specifically required. 

required items for lessons

Dance Class Required Items

For the first few classes, dancers need: 

 Generally, if the dancer has a "uniform" to wear to dance class, they will feel more professional and mentally focused. Ideally, this is designed to be free of distractions and help the dancer's technique.  

Classes are offered for dancers of experience levels:

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