New Students

Getting Started

New Students

There are a few requirements before joining our dance school.

Potential students must:

  • Be potty-trained

  • Be able to consistently hop on one foot

  • Have previous experience in a class setting of some kind.

If you have a very young dancer, we recommend a basic ballet and movement class to get them used to both being in a dance class environment and learning to move.

For older dancers, no dance experience is specifically required.

required items for lessons

Dance Class Required Items

For the first few classes, dancers need:

  • A water bottle

  • White knee socks

  • Scottish dancing ghillies OR black ballet shoes

  • A leotard or tight top, so body alignment is clear

  • Hair off the face, preferably in a bun

Generally, if the dancer has a "uniform" to wear to dance class, they will feel more professional and mentally focused. Ideally, this is designed to be free of distractions and help the dancer's technique.

Classes are offered for dancers of experience levels:

  • Celtic Cuties (dancers age 6 & under)

  • Beginner (new dancers with less than 6 competitive wins)

  • Adult Beginner (for dancers 16 & over who are new Beginners)

  • Novice (competitive dancers with 6 wins)

  • Intermediate (competitive dancers with 12 wins)

  • Premier (the highest competitive level)

For an easy way to purchase any needed items, please check out our online store at Discount Dance:

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Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates as of 2022/01/01